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We believe in a community where the poor and marginalized are empowered to attain quality of life. We do this by holding true to our values of:


We engage in the work of social justice as a living expression of the hands of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word



Complex problems require bold, intelligent, thoughtful solutions. We operate with creativity, in pursuit of long-term outcomes, and fund organizations that share this value



We prioritize listening, sharing, and communicating as we build all of our work on authentic relationship – seeing and calling out the character of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word, in each person we meet​


The work of justice is complex and requires shared resources, common goals, and cross-sector cooperation



We work with determination and care with the resources, relationships, and vision that are entrusted to our hands



We do not presume to be the voice of those we serve. Rather, we want to hear their voice, engage them in developing solutions, and amplify their voice in leading change from within their own communities

Adopted from “Publicly Engaged Church"


Rock City cares for and cultivates the mind, body, and spirit of its members as a direct expression of Christ’s capacity to care for us, regardless of background or worldview, everyone, whether they have a vital and authentic relationship with God through Christ or not, matters to us because they matter to God.

Rock City exists to empower people to reach their full potential through the principles of Christ to become their best selves. Whether you are a newcomer to our area or a life-long resident, you will find someone among our diverse communities who shares your interests.



We invite you to Experience God...with God all are welcome and no one is excluded, Experience Growth... growth happens in our commitment to go deeper with God and connecting to each other. Experience Community... relationships that are authentic, transparent, and honest reflect the ideals we embrace. Experience Integrity...we value living by truth, which develops character to help us live wisely under any circumstance. Experience Serving...serving not only expresses love, but also provides opportunity for lasting positive relationships. Serving allows us to respond to the grace we have received by extending that to others with compassion and care. Whether it’s helping to make weekend services happen by volunteering or serving in our community, serving is an expression of God’s love.

Rock City is a multiethnic, multigenerational relevant missional expression of the ELCA’s Southwestern Washington Synod; demonstrating God’s love from Central Tacoma, throughout the city and beyond. We are an open and affirming, welcoming community. Regardless of church experience or religious affiliation, we are pleased to include everyone with a desire to be a part of a sharing and giving community.

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