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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

#wednedayword Monday, Pastor Annie said, "Be defined by a vision of your future." How beautifully that follows Kellie's "He Moves Through Me" from Rock City's last Zoom Monthly Service.

Kellie encouraged us to see how imagination and faith go together...even when both feel hard to hold onto.

She reminded us that Gladys Knight sang:

"I've really got to use My imagination To think of good reasons To keep on keepin' on"

and that Karla Alvarez said "Imagination is the language of the spirit."

Oh, I'm sorry my notes are not the same as listening to Kellie, but today, for #WednesdayWord, I continue to sit with various phrases from her teaching.

That radical imagination, not just for surviving but for building that future, asks us to lean towards possibility. It is the very core of faith...believing that what should be might actually be possible. Faith and imagination are partners; joyous comrades in not just envisioning the future Pastor Annie mentions, but also in bringing it about.

We need a sacred and holy imagination.

Imagination is fueled through input.

What is fueling yours for the better? What is fueling yours for the worse? How do we hold each other to cling to a sacred and holy imagination?

May we continue to be transformed...not just by the words of Kellie Richardson, Rock City's Poet in Residence, but by our collective sacred and holy imagination.

Not sure about how to nourish your own imagination--be inspired by the artist Kellie introduced us to, Hermeto Pascoal.


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