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I don't have words for you today...but I'll share this song that has been running through my mind these last few weeks. Pat sharing the song "I Just Wanna Live" by Keedran Bryant brought it to mind, but truly there are so many things that have kept the song at the forefront of my mind.

The song that keeps going through my mind is "Someone's hurting my brother (sister, sibling, friend, neighbor.)..and it's gone on far too long."

I know we are in Easter time...and in some ways we do see glimpses of the resurrection...but the Jesus I'm clinging to right now, is the one of Advent: embodied solidarity.

Someone's hurting my brother...I will not list the ways...and it's gone on FAR. TOO. LONG.

What songs, practices, glimpses of resurrection are sustaining you right now?

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