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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Today is Ash Wednesday...the first day of Lent. Last year we did a post for the 40 days of Lent that was an action to take up or put down as a pathway to becoming more AntiRacist. If you search #AntiRacismForLent on this page, you can find last years recommendations. Most of them are practices that take time and repeating to truly transform how we engage in the world.

And here are three other Lenten Devotions that may fit what you need for Lent this year. Some come as emails and others as a PDF you can download. Or perhaps, like many others, less emails and time on facebook is what you need.

Whatever you choose, including ignoring the whole season, may you find moments of peace and healing as we head towards Easter...the day of promise, renewal, and resurrection.

Resurrecting Self-Care by Dr. Chanequa Walker-Barnes

Disabling Lent: An Anti-Ableist Lenten Devotion by Justice Unbound

Black Lent by The Good Neighborhood Movement

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