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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

On this day, we witness a great victory against voter suppression and for Black liberation (which will mean the liberation of all) and a coordinated violent temper tantrum of those who embrace White Supremacy. I, Nora, as a cis-het, white Christian woman, do not know what is needed in this moment. I cannot post a #WednesdayWord sharing some personal growth while staying fully present in today.

There is space for any and all emotions, but today (and all days) is a day for listening to Black women.

So I'll share words from Black women in the links below.

And I'll start with words from Kellie's poem, "Love Wins."

Words from Kellie's poem, "Love Wins."

"We are dancing anyhow, No matter what. Our dogged breath endures our moths recycle demands of decency from satellite gatekeepers. We force their hands to open doors to life to love to joy to freedom to choice to agency to us to them and him and her, and you. And because of love we always win."

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